6 Reasons Why Mobile Billboards Are Better


When we think of billboards, we think of those big signs in London across Piccadilly Circus. However, billboards are everywhere, even on the move – Have you heard of mobile billboards?

Mobile billboards are exactly what you think they are, billboards that move!

With increased innovations in the industry, the types of billboards available today are no longer limited to those you find next to city roads. Mobile billboard advertising is one of the fastest growing campaign types companies are using to promote their brands.

If you’re planning to launch a new advertising campaign, you want to know if mobile billboards are a valuable and reliable way of marketing.

Here are just a few reasons why…

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Get In Hard To Reach Areas

Drivers have no choice but to look out onto the road whist driving. On average 356.5 Billion Miles are driven on the Great British roads every year. Some spend upwards of 20 hours per week travelling. So why wouldn’t you want a truck side advertisement driving through those congested streets full of traffic?

Mobile billboards are always on the go!

Static billboards are often located in places where there are a lot of competitors. the are often positioned next to over ads which could be doing your business more harm than good!

Mobile billboards don’t have this problem because your vehicle will be constantly moving. These means there is less clutter around your ads meaning people can fully focus on your ad.

If your ad is static on a fast road people might not have enough time to see the entire ad, especially when they are driving. They might get a glimpse of it but not be able to read the whole thing. A mobile billboard moving along the road with them will give the potential customers enough time to see the whole length of the advertisement.



Mobile billboard advertising is more catered towards targeting an audience than static billboards. Your ads can be moved and placed in a specific location for a specific audience that you are targeting.

Selling suits? Park up outside a horse racecourse.

Selling protein shakes? Park up at the end of a parkrun event.


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Eye Level Visibility

Mobile billboards that are placed on trucks and delivery vehicles are so big that they are almost always visible to the person walking down the street & drivers. Static Billboards are often up a height. above the eye level of visibility. Over time people have tuned in to look away from these spaces, by using static billboards your strategy is to hope that people will look up and notice your advert.

Mobile billboards on the other hand are delivering your ads directly in front of people,  a much more effective strategy.


Less Competition

Since mobile billboards can move where you want them, this means less competition, static billboards are normally clumped together in high traffic areas so multiple brands are fighting for your potential audiences attention at the same time.

With mobile billboards you can capture peoples attention without distractions from other advertisements,


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Flexible Campaign Strategies

The big benefit of a mobile billboard is that… well… it moves!

With a moving billboards your brand can cover a greater area. They can move city to city, street to street. People don’t stay in one area all day, so why should your billboards? Mobile billboards can visit residential, commercial and industrial areas all in the same day. The perfect advertising system for general brand awareness.


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