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We Live In A Digital World

We live in a digital world, where ideas and fashions can change radically.

Online technology is only going to get faster and is changing our world every day.

We’re also becoming accustomed to graphics changing at lightening speed.

Buckle up marketers & business owners, make sure you have the right tools and skills you need to face the challenges ahead.

When you next go to update your social media covers or your website carousel, you should also update you vehicle branding.

Seasonal Mobile Billboards

TruckSkinz gives you the option of adjusting your on-road marketing campaign to the ongoing world events.

In other words, in your industry, if your marketing plan targets important events, national or global holidays, rebranding with TruckSkinz is a simple process.

Drive more attention to your product or service and boost your business revenue.

Meet A New Audience Of On-Road Users

Our mobile billboards put your message in front of a big audience in a non-intrusive way.

Not everyone is online, not everyone watches the popular TV show, but 98% of people go outside every single day.

Truck Advertising is attention-grabbing, and doesn’t require the audience to do anything but see it, they don’t have to tune in, click on it or turn a page.

Dealing With 'Ad Blindness'

Update your on-road adverts regularly like you would a shop window, Facebook or Google Display Ad.

Ad Blindness isn’t unique to the internet, no is it always a subconscious action.

At TruckSkinz we know it’s important to keep your ads looking as fresh as your latest products.

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