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About Truckskinz 2 Lightweight Advertising System

Truckskinz have designed and developed a new, revolutionary, lightweight system to maximise advertising coverage on vehicles with a hidden framed system.

Truckskinz 2 Lightweight Advertising System is the strongest, lightest and safest framing system on the market today. This system can be fitted in less than one hour and comes with a MIRA test certificate and full warranty on the frame for the life of the vehicle.

Weight Restrictions

This product is specifically designed for vehicles with weight restrictions, and up to four metre rigid boxes. Truckskinz 2 has industry leading four locking devices, trim locks, tamper proof corner caps, a lab tested bonding agent and road tested VHB tape.

Standard system colours are black, white and Mil, however any other colour is available to order.

Rear door only solution – Suitable for rear doors on any commercial vehicle for a quick change solution and can be fitted to rear doors with high strength VHB tape with no damage to the vehicle.


Prices from £499* per side.

Free training with all systems to save costs on future advert changes.

Change and remove your advert in minutes.

Advert skin changes from £199* per side.