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Did you know your trucks are seen more times per day than your website?

GPS tracking and our unique data analysis has confirmed a commercial vehicle based on a standard 10 hour day is viewed over 50,000 times per day on any of the UK’s main motorways.

The average driver will spend 32 hours a year in traffic jams.

A motorist spends on average 120 seconds looking outside the vehicle at a red light.

There are 35 million vehicles on the UK’s roads. There are approximately 10 million pedestrians on the streets at any one time. The ability to display high quality ads on a moving truck will result in maximum conversions of impressions to sales.

Latest road traffic statistics show the number of vehicles on GB roads has increased by 22% in 10 years – information provided by DVLA.

Truckskinz allows you refresh your vehicle any time, any where.

Just because vehicle advertising has been around a long time doesn’t mean there isn’t any room for innovation. Vehicle branding is changing to adapt to the digital age.

TruckSkinz has designed a range of pay monthly packages so your fleet can be changed to stay in line with your website at a low monthly cost.