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You wouldn't risk leaving your website the same for five years, so why do it with your trucks?

Harness the potential of truck advertising, an innovative way to transform your current vehicles into mobile billboards!

With adverts on the sides of your trucks you can reach current, old and new customers with an advertising space you already own.

GPS tracking allows us to analysis the route data to best calculate the ad impression you can gain from a single truck to an entire fleet. Travelling on some of the busiest motorways in the world, it’s not hard to see why truck advertising may be the best option to reach the masses and increase sales.


Traffic Jams? No problem, use the time wisely and count how many truck adverts you can see!

A motorist spends on average 120 seconds looking outside the vehicle at a red light.

There are 35 million vehicles on the UK’s roads. There is approximately 10 million pedestrians on the streets at any one time. Truckskinz gives you the ability to display high quality advertisements on a moving truck, resulting in maximum conversions of impressions to sales.

Latest road traffic statistics show the number of registered vehicles on  the roads in the UK alone has increased by 22% in 10 years (DVLA).

Why wouldn’t you want to provide exciting, branded graphics that are changed regularly for your future customers?


Outdoor advertising is adapting to the digital age!

Despite vehicle branding being one of the more traditional ways to get your brand name known, the digital age has caused a shift in quality, speed and value.

At Truckskinz we pride ourselves on delivering an unmatched service on price, product, production and fitting quality.

We are the only UK company that is specialised in solely truck advertising, enhancing your current assets to increase your sales.

With our brand new monthly contract packages, your marketing budget now goes even further.

  • No scary lump sum payments at unexpected times
  • You decide how many campaign changes your brand needs (As you know it best)
  • Our in-house fitting teams work around you, ZERO DOWNTIME
  • Split the cost over 24 months
  • Watch the ad impressions and sales rise whilst the cost stays low
  • The most affordable and most efficient truck advertising company in the UK