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HDL using the Truckskinz system

27/03/2018 | Published by Truckskinz

Another set of mobile billboards hits the roads for our local client HDL, using the Truckskinz system. The all new Iveco fleet from Walton Summit now have the ability to be changed in minutes when the marketing team want to promote new products for the kitchen industry. Vehicle advertising just got faster, smarter and easier.

Severn Waste installs Truckskinz

27/03/2018 | Published by Truckskinz

Recent installs of our Truckskinz system for Severn Waste in the midlands, using their BMI trailers as mobile billboards to promote recycling messages for local councils. Being able to change the marketing messages in minutes was key to ensure zero downtime for Severn Waste

New invisible black frame produced for Sofology

13/03/2018 | Published by Truckskinz

Truckskinz have produced an invisible frame for Sofology’s latest batch of new trucks, the whole process from concept to completion was managed by our team and we’re sure you will agree it’s another reason why we are the market leaders in vehicle advertising.

Truckskinz completes Co-op’s Xmas ‘Mince Pies and Oranges’ campaign

01/12/2017 | Published by Truckskinz

Truckskinz and trade partners Ast has just completed the Co-op’s new Xmas ‘Mince Pies and Oranges’ campaign at multiple depot locations around the UK. The Truckskinz team was given a challenging deadline of 3 weeks to complete 40 truck sides. The new advertising frames will allow Co-op to transform their fleet into highly visible advertising platforms for this season campaign… Read More