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The Co-operative, in partnership with ITV Studios Ltd & Coronation Street™

Rachel Hardwick, Brand Manager – “From design with us in house, to out in the transport depot, seeing the final look was fantastic. Utilising our delivery vehicles at our peak period seemed like the obvious idea for a mass market promotion. It was a well executed project; an enjoyable process with Danny.”


Print Source / Peter's Food's

Gary Bagstaff, Director – “We worked with Danny and the team on 55 home delivery vehicles for Peter’s Foods who was our client. From concept to completion the partnership was seamless. The client confidentiality for us was important and Danny helped deliver a successful campaign”


Ian Millard, Transport Manager – “A masterclass in Industry Knowledge. The quality of products used is reassuring when working on such valuable assets. Danny made sure our trucks were never disrupted and well looked after. We have had frequent points of contact throughout the three years of business.”

Monks Contractors

Chris Monk, Managing Director – “Team Truckskinz fitted systems to our BMI ejector trailers back in 2016 and these have been bullet proof over the last 4 years.

We recently updated the side panels to support the NHS as 2020 has been tough year on them, we were all amazed by the speed and ability to change them after such a long time.

The TruckSkinz system really does live up to its name in our heavy industry.”



Rob Hall, Founder – “Our Trucks look fantastic! Myself and the staff left for the day at 4pm and when we returned to load in the morning… the fleet was ready to roll!”

Dunmow Group

Sam Marlins, CEO – “Truckskinz fitted our 3 walking floor trailers and ribbed single deck trailer earlier in November 2020 and myself and the team were over the moon with the outcome.

Danny and the team fitted us in over a Friday and Saturday to ensure the trailers were kept in service and as this was key to us and the staff at Dunmow.

Looking forward to keeping the trailer refreshed with the 30 mins per side panel change time and being a made in Britain manufactured gives us peace of mind we are buying a UK made product.”

Four Corners / Harry Corry

Colin Smythe, Director – “Harry Corry the Irish, family run furniture retailer approached us for the transformation of 20 delivery vehicles. Danny and the team worked great around our schedules and to the clients. As an added bonus, the team trained our fitters up to maintain the system and changes.”

Gareth Corry, Managing Director – “Danny, Colin and the team provided us with a platform not only to communicate to our customers, but also to be able to re-brand and refresh our marketing on a much more regular basis.”


Severn Waste Services

Michael Hornby, Operations Co-ordinator – “Hands – Face – Space was the latest campaign to be changed by the team at Truckskinz. It took less than 7 days from the date of order to completion. The pervious panels were in for just over 3 years and each of the BMI trailers was turned around in 60 mins each. This really helped our daily workload as the driver had his normal break and was away again to load before we knew it.”


Lee Mairs, Managing Director – “Having the flexibility to use the fleet as mobile billboards has extended our online offers onto the fleet with zero disruption to the loading team. The team at TruckSkinz were able to rebrand all our five vehicles quicker than they could be loaded.”