25/04/2018 | Published by Truckskinz

A brand new member to the TruckSkinz family is TruckAdz, a unique outdoor media product which rewards haulage companies for joining a network and Advertisers with a return on ad impressions for buying media space on trucks and trailers.

The National vehicle advertising network has been set up to form a partnership between hauliers and advertisers across the UK and Europe.

From a haulage operators side, TruckAdz can generate revenue from each individual trailer for zero effort from the operator, on average if you run a 10-trailer fleet we can return you up to 10k per year.

From an advertisers point of view we can give over 1 million ad impressions per month per trailer on the Uks roads, from as little as £399 per month and spread the cost over a 20 month contract, with a small initial investment.