Truckskinz gets TruckAdz on the road!

09/04/2019 | Published by Truckskinz

Last week saw the official launch of five 13m trucks from 3D haulage with the biggest advertising campaign TruckAdz has done to date!!

Using our unique systems, Truckskinz supplied the skinz and frames and fitting service to ensure quality and show the amazing finish these systems offer.

The TruckAdz campaign features five different designs with tag lines that represent the possibilities of truck advertising. Using both sides and rear spaces, the brand will now gain thousands of ad impressions travelling hundreds of miles a day across the UK.

It really is an exciting time for everyone at team TS/TA and we believe the best place to advertise our truck advertising is on the trucks themselves!

With low cost monthly payment packages for companies with their own fleet, our services at Truckskinz may be of interest to reach your customers on daily deliveries at an affordable price.

If you are an advertiser requiring premium advertising space at a low cost, TruckAdz is awaiting your call 01253 729000.

If you are a fleet operator with blank trailer sides we can reduce your expensive overheads.