What is Truck Advertising?

23/05/2019 | Published by Truckskinz

What is Truck Advertising?

Truck advertising is a form of large scale outdoor media or OOH (out of home) a term frequently used for static or digital billboards. The purpose of OOH is to engage customers, promote brand messages and in turn drive sales.

Everyday we are consuming brands, slogans, products, opinions, reviews from hundreds of businesses from around the world. Competition in the market place for any Industry is higher than ever before, so we believe getting your brand out there on the roads is a must.

By transforming solid and usually blank sides on anything from a small 4m delivery van to a 13m refrigerated HGV, our system makes the fitting and changing of the advertisement skin easy and affordable.

Using your fleet, we fit advertisements that don’t disrupt the workload but help get your brand out there when on collection or delivery to a local or national customer.

2019 welcomed the new addition of low cost contract packages so you can now make the most out of your overstretched marketing budget. If your delivery vehicles are needing a new lease of life we ensure a low cost fix for a high quality advertisement.

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