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Any company that wishes to expand their customer base and reach will at some point look to a change of advertisement. With outdoor media space being a fortune to rent and only stationary, the best form to target your customer direct is via large commercial vehicles.

Your truck is a mobile billboard that can be transform via its sides and rear. Our services offer you premium printed skinz and high quality graphics to ensure your advertisement looks the best at all times.

It is vital to change your truck campaigns regularly to keep people engaged and interested in your promotional offerings, that is why we now offer monthly contracts to take the cost out of advertising.

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Give your marketing team the power to turn your fleet into a highly visible advertising platform

Truckskinz is the strongest and safest advertising system on the market with the backing of over 30 years’ experience in the haulage industry.

We are the only company that specialise in truck advertising and are dedicated to proving the power it really has. Revolutionise your companies advertising strategy and make sure truck branding is included!

Please watch our marketing video for further information, it only takes 60 seconds to learn the positive impact truck advertising has!