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Over 30 years experience...

Shiers Transport LTD was the inspiration behind Truckskinz, with the company director, Danny Shiers, growing up in a haulage yard and learning every aspect of the CV industry.

The company was established 1974 by Mr & Mrs Shiers who successfully built up a fleet of national and international trucks. Shiers Transport was the foundation on which Truckskinz is built on.

The most important jobs Danny undertook at the age of 10, refulling. Fuel is GOLD.

Learning the trade: 70s - 80s

One of our directors’ favourite sayings is ‘we know the price of diesel’, this was learnt at a very early age with one of his first weekend jobs being to refuel all the fleet.

The company were carriers to the amusement industry across the UK and Europe. In todays world of logistics, Shiers Transport would have been the TNT of the amusement industry.

Where it all started...

Danny’s first venture into advertising on the side of trucks was back in the 80s, with world renowned gaming brands SEGA and Namco. Shiers Transport was the sole contractor for SEGA and Namco.

Danny put together a package to utilise the blank space on his parents’ trucks to advertise the latest arcade machines.

This venture was a major success, as neighbouring arcade owners got to see giant images of new gaming products being advertised on the sides and rear of the trucks.

Established 2014

Fast forward to 2014 when Truckskinz was born. There was a clear gap in the market for an exciting new truck product, that fused together empty fleets, quality manufacturing and advertising know how.

Over the last five years, Truckskinz is the strongest and safest advertising product on the market today. Boasting contracts with many national companies such as CO OP, Sofology, AO.

Truckskinz, the established sister company, gives TruckAdz the ability to fit and change market leading systems in record time; minimising disruption for fleet owners and maximising ad dwell time for advertisers.

TruckAdz launches - 2018

Danny’s DNA is made up of trucks and advertising, has paved the way for a market leading network, that is already evolving the truck advertising landscape.

TruckAdz thrives on the knowledge of our director who has diesel in his blood, CPC qualified and haulage in his DNA.

The TruckAdz team is expanding, with members on hand to help with all enquiries regarding our packages and contracts. We aim to build trusting relationships within our network of both hauliers and advertisers to keep the momentum going on truck advertising.